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Creating Ruby on Rails Application on cPanel/WHM

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Ruby Web HostingOur cPanel web hosting has Ruby Gem enabled, it means that you can create and deploy your Ruby application on our Ruby on Rails environment. Ruby on Rails runs on its own server so the setup requires a little extra work.

By using your cPanel interface, you can create and deploy a Ruby on Rails application. Follow the instructions below!

Configuring WHMCS Support Ticket Email Piping With Google Apps

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Configuring email piping on WHMCS installation has never been easier. Some time your configuration won’t work properly as you expected before. This article covers about how to configuring your WHMCS installation’s Support Ticketing system along with Google Apps Hosted Email Service for Domains.

Basic SSH Security

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Server security is the most important things to protect your server from attackers. A bad security setting will brings your server to a serious threat. Remember it, when you make your server to be online your server will facing thousands malicious/malware that ready to harm your server. The security is a must-have by your server and the basic of security can be done by securing your ssh access.